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I have added an adjustable 18-22mm Whiteline rear sway bar, semi-full cage(all welded into the frame, no cheap ricer crap in my ride), Kart-boy short shifter with bushings, Magnaflow cat-back/Stromung mid pipe/Borla gen III headers were installed a month ago along with forged pistons, high compression spring and valve kit, and a nice port/polish/knife edge job. Spool time? what spool time?.. hehe :)The sound file you hear is the actual car.. very deep and ballzy with a V8ish tone. Also added a Cobb CAI, Upgraded endlinks(front and rear) with polyurethane bushings, and am currently waiting on the Whiteline springs to clear customs to set her down 1.25" along with KYB-AGX struts, 24mm front sway bar, anti-lift kit for better cornering and MRT strut tops for on-the-fly camber/caster adjustments. Not a bad way to drop a few grand into an already awesome car... don't you think?
  Auto-X at AB Tech, 3rd fastest car of the day... against all classes. 10/21/01
  Pics after wheels and clears

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